Harley Charley

My name is Harley Charley, and I’m a 6 year old miniature poodle.

I have had two homes already, and now find myself as a “compassionate” adoption due to my “attitude” in certain situations.

I am super friendly, super affectionate, funny and generally a great little dog.

HOWEVER, this is where the compassion comes in if you want to give me that chance. I need structure, rules, enforcement of rules, and experience with “dogs like myself”. 

You see, I love to cuddle with you, sleep on your lap, snuggle on the couch. BUT, once I get relaxed, comfy and “sleepy”, you CANNOT touch me. One wrong move and I’ll bite your hand. This includes “petting me” while I’m dozing off to LaLa land! 

As well, if you “restrain” me or prohibit me from doing something, I will show and use my teeth to let you know I’m not happy.

All in all, if you set your rules (no furniture, no sleeping in bed, no couch surfing), I will be your best companion.

Obviously that means NO children. Ideally a one person “family” is my dream home. You’re the boss, I listen! 

I do get excited when you come home, and my “quirk” is grabbing your clothes in my mouth to show you I’m here! But it’s not in a mean or agressive way.

If you think you have what it takes to make me a member of your family, contact info@sophiesdogadoption.com to find out more about me.

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