Aloha Canada! I’m Booch and also from Hawaii. I’m a male and weigh about 50 lbs.

Bunny was my cellmate at the shelter, and when she hopped on a flight here, I was invited to come too! 

Some think we might be related, but that’s a guess. I’m also about 2 years old and our breed mix is also pure guess.

I am very friendly and love people! Whenever my foster mom sits on the couch, I cuddle up next to her.

I may be shy at first when meeting new people, but warm up quickly.

Besides being lovable I am super well-trained. I obtained a good citizen award in Hawaii! I do not pull on a leash other than when I see a squirrel, as those are unknown critters to us Hawaiians. I also know my basics, like sit and stay. 

I take direction very well. If I’m too close to the dinner table, or too close for comfort, I’m told to go away and I actually listen. 

I’m super quiet, I’ve only barked twice in a week, so would even be ok living in an apartment. Although I love going out, I’m very calm at home. I save my energy for outside.

I love walks and playing in the dog park. I’m a little unsure when dogs first come up, but after I get a sniff or two, I’m comfortable. I really like chasing them around the park!

I would do great with another dog, and kids too, however NO cats. 

It has been noticed that my back legs go inward, and I run on 3 legs instead of 4.  It looks like I had a leg injury that healed wrong, however, I walk totally fine. Even though I run on 3 legs, it doesn’t slow me down one bit!

Overall I am so lovable and have a wonderful, fun personality.  I’d love to be able to show a family I can be their best buddy! I am funny, love to cuddle, and definitely will see my human as my best friend.

I’ve waited my whole life (2 years) for a family. No more of the shelter life for me!

If I’m the pooch you’re looking for, go get the application and specify it’s for Booch!

To apply, visit

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