Wish List / Les choses dont nous avons besoin

Sophie’s Dog Adoption is in desperate need of the following items in order to facilitate her mission of rescuing dogs. Tax receipts can be provided upon request.

For administration / operation purposes.

  • More foster homes and volunteers (drivers, office work, fund raisers, etc…)
  • Motorized R.V in running order with no immediate repairs.
  • Laptop with WI-FI connectivity and a good battery.
  • Cesar Melan’s DVD’s and or Books.

For the dogs.

  • Medium size dog cages.
  • Dog food of good quality.
  • Dog toys and accessories. (bowls, collars, leashes etc…)
  • Free or discounted vet or grooming services.
  • Free or discounted boarding services for short periods of time.

2 thoughts on “Wish List / Les choses dont nous avons besoin”

  1. Hey Sophie,
    Just reminding you I still have all the leashes and collars I picked up for you as well as a super belated bday gift.
    Let me know when you’re near by… either you can stop by and pick them up or I can drop it off.
    keep me posted

  2. Hi Sophie and Rick;

    Thank you so very much for your support and assistance today, well yesterday now lol From now on our calendars – November 16 will be dedicated to Sophie’s
    Dog Adoption Day . . . I managed to make a contact for you for dog food, todays offerings 3 big bags of food, a donation to the idea I pitched to you during our Coffee Celbration @ Starbucks, he is willing to have one , with advertisment and business Cards @ Centre Canin TRAKS in Laval . . . tomorrow I’m off to Mondou . . .

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