Big Buddy

Big Buddy is my name, and English Bulldog/French Poodle is my mix of breeds. They dared sold me as a Boodle. Such an insult.

I’m 2 years old, and a wonderful buddy to the kids in my home, but unfortunately, I do not like them bringing their friends over. I have snapped and therefore am looking for a home with a different environment.

I basically need to learn not to “protect” my house, as I’m not keen on strangers of any age coming over.

I was purchased at 7 weeks because our mom rejected us and so we were all sold at that young age.

I’m a wonderful dog, super friendly and affectionate, not at all destructive, not a barker, and live my “kid” siblings, but Dad thinks I’m just not a good fit anymore.

I need to leave soon, so please consider fostering me with or without the possibility of adoption.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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