Big Mac

I’m Mac, Big Mac. I’m a big boy, weighing in at 80+ lbs and I’m about 3 years old. I was rescued as a puppy from a shelter in Nashville, so my breed is a pure guess. 

I know all my basic commands and have very good recall. If you put me in a sit/lie down position, I will wait until you say “release” before moving. 

I love getting head scratches and leaning against you to get petted. 

I almost never bark and get along with other dogs (off leash). I do enjoying playing rough with them.

Indoors, I am generally mellow and relaxed. I love humans of all ages. Great with kids.

I’ve had the same home for 3 years, but it’s become clear to them that they can’t give me the stimulation I need and deserve.

If I’m left alone too long, I will get into stuff and chew them up (books, pens, possibly your remote, stuff of that nature). It’s a bit of separation anxiety that can be resolved if I get enough outside off-leash time. Then I am a model citizen!

However, when on leash, I can sometimes be reactive when walking too close to other dogs. 

With proper redirection and positive reinforcement, I can be good. 

My ideal home would be able to offer me a very active, outdoorsy lifestyle, allowing me to spend time outside. 

If you are looking for a hiking buddy, a mountaineering sidekick, and a friend to curl up by the fire next to you, I may be the one!

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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