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Aloha Canada! I’m Booch and also from Hawaii. I’m a male and weigh about 50 lbs.

Bunny was my cellmate at the shelter, and when she hopped on a flight here, I was invited to come too! 

Some think we might be related, but that’s a guess. I’m also about 2 years old and our breed mix is also pure guess.

I am very friendly and love people! Whenever my foster mom sits on the couch, I cuddle up next to her.

I may be shy at first when meeting new people, but warm up quickly.

Besides being lovable I am super well-trained. I obtained a good citizen award in Hawaii! I do not pull on a leash other than when I see a squirrel, as those are unknown critters to us Hawaiians. I also know my basics, like sit and stay. 

I take direction very well. If I’m too close to the dinner table, or too close for comfort, I’m told to go away and I actually listen. 

I’m super quiet, I’ve only barked twice in a week, so would even be ok living in an apartment. Although I love going out, I’m very calm at home. I save my energy for outside.

I love walks and playing in the dog park. I’m a little unsure when dogs first come up, but after I get a sniff or two, I’m comfortable. I really like chasing them around the park!

I would do great with another dog, and kids too, however NO cats. 

It has been noticed that my back legs go inward, and I run on 3 legs instead of 4.  It looks like I had a leg injury that healed wrong, however, I walk totally fine. Even though I run on 3 legs, it doesn’t slow me down one bit!

Overall I am so lovable and have a wonderful, fun personality.  I’d love to be able to show a family I can be their best buddy! I am funny, love to cuddle, and definitely will see my human as my best friend.

I’ve waited my whole life (2 years) for a family. No more of the shelter life for me!

If I’m the pooch you’re looking for, go get the application and specify it’s for Booch!

To apply, visit

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I’m Sindy, I’m 2 years old and a petite Armenian girl of 15 lbs. My breed you ask? Don’t know.

You see, I was rescued from the streets of Armenia so nobody knows my background.

I’m missing an eye, but that only adds to my charm. I’m very shy, but coming out of my shell thanks to my foster siblings.

I’m friendly, easy-going, loving, and truly hoping to find a wonderful home to start this new life.

If you think I could be the one for you, put in an application.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

Lizzy B

I am Lizzie B, I was rescued from the streets of Lebanon after having been shot in the face while pregnant.

Unfortunately, my pups died before I could deliver them, but thankfully I was rescued and brought to a vet.

My sight could not be saved and have become blind as a result. I’m about 2 years old and gentle as can be. I need time to adapt to new environments, but with patience and love, I will get more confident.

I’m good with other dogs, preferably calm dogs, and cats don’t really bother me. I’m not ideal for kids unless they are over 12 yrs old and dog-savvy. I need a calm and peaceful home. Aside from being blind, I am in good health.

I may be a shepherd mix, who knows, I can’t tell because I’m blind. I’m still beautiful, both inside and out. I love being loved.

Ideally, I’m looking for someone who does NOT plan on taking me for walks on a leash. I’m very scared and don’t like to leave the property. I also really hate being left home alone.

So a ground floor and a yard are a MUST. Kids are fine if they want to give me love. But I’m not much of a “play buddy”. No ball fetching or running around for me.

Dogs I can get along with, but I need to establish my rules when it comes to food.

If you want a cuddly, affectionate, loving dog, give me a shout! But be patient, I’ll need to trust you fully before I’ll commit.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.