Chico Chi 2

Hi there! My name is Chico Chi 2. I’m about 6 yrs old, weigh around 10 lbs and am in good health aside from having terrible teeth right now. Sophie will be getting a dental cleaning and some extractions done for me asap.

My brother Pepito and I were surrendered to SDA because our human could no longer keep us due to circumstances out of her control. She was incredibly devasted to have to let us go but knew SDA would find us the perfect new forever homes.

I’m a great little dude. I get along well with other small dogs but I’m not really interested in the big ones. I just don’t care much if they invade my space and will snarl a bit to let them know to back off. As for cats, I totally ignore them. I’m good with kids granted they handle me with great care. A little thing like me could easily get injured if dropped or manipulated too roughly.

I’m not much of a barker. I only tend to bark if other dogs are barking but I also sometimes bark at the TV. Hee hee! I’m a quirky little fellow at times. I have learned to ditch the pipi pads in my foster home and now ask for the door. That being said, I may still have an accident from time to time if you have something that looks like a pipi pad to me in your home.

My ideal home should make to sure to take excellent care of my mouth by brushing my teeth and gums on a regular basis and providing me with dental chews daily. I’m not sure yet how many teeth I will have left once I get my dental done so I may need to be on moist food for a while after that. I don’t appear to have any separation anxiety but I’ve never been home totally alone before. Let’s just say that it will be important not too make a big deal when you leave to go out. I would hate te develop SA and have you return me because it bothers the neighbours.

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