My name is Choopie, but I’m also known as Max. Obviously, I’m a male. I’m 3 years old and of the Spitz family.

I came from Lebanon back in 2021 as an International adoption, but here we are, a year and a half later and I’m looking for a new home.

I’m super cute, super friendly with everyone, great with dogs and even young kids. But I also became the boss of my home as they were so nice. I had my family wrapped around my little finger.

Us little cuties know how to manipulate and use our teeth when we’re not happy. So at first, I observed and learned. Since they felt sorry for me, I was given so much love! I loved it, I loved them, I even loved their dog! They wanted to make me happy, and they did!

But with time, I decided I was going to lead this pack so things would always go my way! 

Well, that didn’t work out so as planned. They didn’t care for my biting much, so here I am with Sophie’s Dog Adoption getting restructured. 

Sophie says “No more manipulating my new family”, so I will need to be super structured and you’ll need to be in charge. Otherwise, I will take charge again, and it looks like biting instead of saying “no”, is not really tolerated!

I’m learning while in foster care, but you will need to continue with the structure. I’m small enough not to overpower you, so teach me right from wrong and I’ll make you proud.

As all dogs do, I want to make you happy and become your best friend. But just like children, I need structure and discipline as well as love.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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