Grace A

I’ve been named Grace by my rescuers in Armenia.

I’m a petite dog, about 25 lbs and of unknown mix. I’m about 1 year old and was rescued from the streets after some kids gouged my eye out with a stick.

My wonderful rescuers decided on had a better chance at finding a loving home in Canada, so here I am.

I have no issues with getting around, being playful, active, curious and certainly affectionate.

If you’d like to be the one to give me the warmth of a home, send in your application form.

2 thoughts on “Grace A”

  1. Bonjour
    Je suis intéressé à adopter Grace. Je vis au lac St Jean et je viens de faire euthanasier mon labrador de 10 ans en janvier. Ma vie est très simple, je vie au lac st jean, je suis à mon compte avec je suis à la maison et j’ai beaucoup d’espace pour jouer avec elle et dans l’eau
    Je suis à Montréal jusqu’au 21 juillet

  2. Hi
    My name is Louise. My daughter Alison is a vet tech who used to work at the sud-ouest vet clinic. She and her partner adopted one of ypur dogs, Jojo ( formerly Jeffrey?) Jojo had a broken leg.

    My husband and I are very interested in Grace A. It seems she is untested with indoor cats. If her temperment is otherwise good, as it seems, that is not a big concern.

    We are experienced with dogs. We lost our JRT last summer. He came to us after having been with 5 other families. He was terrible on leash, not always good with other dogs, and didn’t have very good indoor manners. He looked at our cats as if they were food.

    With patience, clear expectations, consistency, and love, he turned into a happy, sweet little dog who actually became friends with the cats.

    Due to accident my husband is unable to work. Walking is an important part of his daily fitness routine. Having a dog by his side gets him walking more. Which is good for his health. We also gave a large, fenced yard. Our dog went out multiple times everyday, always accompanied by at least one of his people.

    We feel Grace would be a good fit for our family, provided we can ensure the safety of our cats. We are willing to welcome her and work to make that happen.

    Please let me know how/if we can proceed. You can also reach me at 514-756-0852.

    Thank you!

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