Jerry was rescued back in Lebanon when he was a puppy. He was one of the lucky few to get selected to fly over to Montreal and join Sophie’s Dog Adoption. Jerry is a gorgeous Husky with one blue eye and one blue and brown eye. Pretty cool eh? He was adopted back in January 2022 but is now being returned to us because he doesn’t like being left home alone.

He’s now about 18 months but still acts very much like an unruly puppy at times. He uses his mouth when he gets excited. He has a lot of energy so an active human is a must for Jerry. His training needs work. He is not for the first time dog owner.

If you have a home with a secured yard, decent dog training experience and plenty of time to give to Jerry then you just might be the ideal person to adopt him.

Daily exercise, structure, rules and boundaries are very important in order to get his anxiety under control. Jerry is extremely bright and eager to please. He’s highly food motivated and very curious. He should be crated when you leave him home alone. He loves the outdoors and is super cuddly.

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