I’m Leyla, a 3-year-old, 18lbs, female Terrier mix (don’t shed) who was sent to a shelter after my parents divorced in Turkey.  

Thankfully I was taken out and sent to Canada as an international adoption, but I’m not working out so my human reached out to Sophie’s Dog Adoption to help find me the perfect home.

I am very calm, very well-behaved, housetrained, and crate trained. I love humans, and enjoy cuddles and playing with someone. 

I’m great on a leash until I see cats or squirrels. Then I want to chase them but I’m working on it! Squirrels are a new critter for me, and I’ve yet to sniff one up close!

I’m still working on getting more socialization with other dogs, as in my country, I mostly stayed in the yard. I’m not a fan of big dogs, and meeting on a leash is not my thing. However, I like all poodle mixes!

Kids are ok, as long as they are as well-behaved as me. No grabbing, pulling or pushing. Kids over 12 would be my choice. I am easygoing and just a darling to be around.

I am the sweetest dog. Loving, obedient, intelligent- quick learner and I have a sassy personality.

I would make a great companion for a couple, a family with kids 10+, or retirees. I would love a home with a backyard or big patio/terrace so I can play. I’d also be fun as a hiking or running buddy.

If you think I’m the pearl you’re looking for, you might be right!

To apply, visit http://www.sophiesdogadoption.com/application-forms/adoption-form/ and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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  1. I would be interested in adopting Layla , I am retired , have my own home with a fenced yard , live with a14 yrs old cat , she would be loved . Lost my 2 furry babies in the last 4 months , thank you for your reply . Also how much are her adoption fees please ?

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