Maya A

Hello Canada! I arrived from Armenia where I was rescued from Vanadzor, where people are not kind to my species.

I’ve been named Maya A, and I’m about 3 years old.  I’ve always been on my own, so the shelter was overwhelming.

I was given the chance to come to Canada before the ban comes into effect, in order to find someone who will want to share their home with me.

I’m not very big, about 45 lbs, and my breed is unknown. I’m scruffy, I’m a terrier, I’m blond and beautiful. Sophie considers me a pure scruffy mutt!

I get along with other dogs, I’m still very shy, not sure about leash walking, but want to be loved and love you back.

If you think I’m the girl you want to give a warm loving home to, you’ll need to be patient with me.

Start by sending in an application form that you can obtain by following the instructions at

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