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Mimi Chi - 2

Mimi Chi is a 7 year old female Chihuahua. She was an indoor dog who never went out other than the yard. Never received any training either and was very spoiled and over fed. She weighs 9 pounds, which is too heavy for her delicate frame and so, she should go down in weight to about 6 or 7 pounds.

Mimi is now thriving in foster care. She’s a happy-go-lucky little clown. She is quite funny and knows it. If a dog can have a sense of humour, she’s got it! You just can tell that she loves to make people laugh.

Her overall disposition is simply exquisite; she is loving, affectionate, sweet, cuddly, eager to please, curious, bouncy, in other words, she is infinitely adorable and you just want to kiss her face raw.

She is trained on a pipipad but will do her business outside if you make it available to her. She tends to mark so keeping a couple of pads out for her convenience is good strategy.

After a while and getting used to new surroundings, she figures her way around the house.

Mimi loves her daily walks and it’s even better when her foster brothers come along.

She is very much scent oriented, she loves those new smells!

Leash walking is a skill she still has to perfect, but she is one smart cookie and will do whatever it takes to come along on that walk. She already knows to stay still while the leash is being put on and she’ll help along with her harness by putting her little head through the opening and lifting her paws. She knows what it all means.

Cats, birds and squirrels are fun to chase off the property. She may be small in size but not in spirit!

She is crate-trained and will go willingly in her cage for the night.

She has a good recall but sometimes the scent is just too enticing so mom will just have to wait a little.

She is not all that into toys, she prefers cuddles and kisses.
She is friendly with people when she meets them inside her home, she is a bit more skittish of them outside the house.

Her breathing is laborious, especially when she gets excited but as she loses that extra weight, it’ll get better.

She’s a picky eater courtesy of her previous feeding habits which consisted of pasta and tomato sauce and pretty much whatever her previous owner prepared for her but once a routine is established, she’ll thrive. She can be barky, she thinks she’s a guard dog after all, but not overly so.

Mimi is a total sweetheart and anybody would be lucky to have her.

Keeping her fit and slim will go a long way for her health. Sophie will have her teeth cleaned when she gets spayed and vaccinated asap. Keeping Mimi on a healthy diet with good quality food and providing her with proper oral maintenance is a must. No more getting spoiled rotten for Mimi. It’s time to be a real dog and enjoy lots of love as much as a structured and healthy lifestyle.

If you feel you would be the ideal human for Mimi, please contact info@sophiesdogadoption.com and tell us why. Montreal and area.Mimi Chi - 2

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