I’m Noodle. I was left tied to a pole at the entrance to a park in a bad state of neglect.

The vet estimates me at less than two years old, and I’m possibly a sort of “doodle”, hence the name given to me.

So far I’ve proven to be very sweet, quiet, friendly and happy go lucky.

No separation anxiety, get along with dogs and would probably enjoy kids to play with 

The pictures show me “as found”, and after grooming (done while I was under anesthesia getting neutered).

I can have beautiful white hair, most likely with some curls. I may be a mix of Bichon or Poodle so you will need to prepare yourself for regular grooming.

I am about 15 lbs, so considered a small dog but big enough to not be too delicate.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

I will be quite popular, so get your application in sooner than later. 

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