The OQLF does not protect the French language, it discriminates against the English languageL’OQLF ne protège pas la langue francaise, elle fait de la discrimination contre la langue anglaise

17 thoughts on “The OQLF does not protect the French language, it discriminates against the English languageL’OQLF ne protège pas la langue francaise, elle fait de la discrimination contre la langue anglaise

  1. They know very well we read it :D The irony is the NEQ has a French name, yet they address “Sophie’s Dog Adoption” in English, yet they want us to use the French name on signs, which we do… idiots they are… We will contest the “size” as discrimination, trademark or not makes no difference in equality. Respect goes both ways :D

    1. LMFAO that is HILARIOUS i cant stop laughing……sorry…. that is so sad the “sign” thing…. come on…french english chinese or polish…. :O(

  2. Well, the Simon Jollin Barrette CAQ sign is now proof LOL, it’s not a permanent SDA sign we have :D It changes on moods… Thus legal as their own charter since the “Liquidation” is an “event” with an unknown duration time, targeting members, not the public. :P

  3. like WHO THE HELL cares if it’s not in french.. OQLF should be shut down.. wasting too much money for the people who live on wealth fare and only speak Quebecois

  4. Hello Madame Fournier,

    I am very happy that my Global News friend did a great job (Paola Samuel) for your non-profit! I suggest you reply to the letter first in English, asking for correspondence in EN, since you are a Federally regulated non-profit, and have the right to be served in whatever Official language you desire.

    Once you get a responsein EN, then state that your property is indeed private and not subject to language bullying because the law is for Commercially-owned signage! What’s more, your clients are mostly outside of QC….so the OQLF should GET STUFFED (\said in thick Scotch accent). By this time, of the back and forth twice with them, they will just drop the ball – do not waste money on a lawyer if you can avoid it with this advice.

    People of the World – Fairness – Equity – According to the Losership at the OQLF:
    Martin Bergeron, an employee supposedly serving the public interest, says that having two small signs in equal sizes in both Official Languages is wrong. REALLY?
    Obviously, as do most nationalista and septards working for the OFeeece (name we affectionately use for the OQLF) equality and fairness to his ‘petit-peuple\villageois’ mindset, obviously someone who suffers from an inferiority complex (and has his malady subsidized by your and my taxes) so badly that he must show how big and mature he is, as an irresponsible government employee, by stating the equivalent of ‘Ma langue, mon affichage doit être plus grande de la tienne, car selon moi, et mon emploi bidon à l’OQLF, j’aime bien attaquer les bénévoles (!) et j’insiste que la langue anglaise et ceux qui s’éxprime en anglais doivent se présenter moins grand que ma langue, ou bien, pas de tout au Québec. Sommes-nous alors un Grand peuple au Québec ? – obviously not. because simply Mr Bergeron works for Anglophobia Central, where he goes on television to insist even those on their own PRIVATE Property must abide by discriminatory legislation.

    This is exactly why we have brave Mayors such as Marc Gendron of Huntingdon, who state that the OQLF are simply ‘les talibans de la langue’ (Language Taliban). We pay over 22 Million dollars a year for this organisation to subsidize language-based discrimination (yes, your PR title if very correct) and to make sure any sign that uses English is subject to harassment (state-sanctioned linguicism)– and he complains about fairness and equity!? Yes, there you have it people, exactly why Quebec must move on from these bureaucratic linguicists, and like decades ago! Cela va faire l’anglophobie vous-autres les losers de l’OQLF !

    Not only is this a federally registered Non-Profit, but it shows how mature a volunteer organisation it is by refusing to comply with petty discrimination. Bravo Sophie!

    Thanks again to Global News for bringing this story of the pettiness of the Quebec Government to our attention! Watch their great report here:

    Please feel free to contact me, if I do not reach out to you first, from one volunteer to another! I am a Champion for Canada, et le Québec est inclus dans mon pay, but not Anglophobia!

    Happy (belated) Christmas, and all the best for a peaceful healthy 2013

    Hugo Shebbeare
    Quebec Office of the ENGLISH Language
    Join our FB group here and see how we support you:

  5. This is way out of hand ! First of all Quebec is the worst place for puppy mills and stray animals and they are complaining about the size of lettering?Fire a few of your language police and put the money from that into protection of animals. PQ are acting worse then children throwing a temper tantrum ! Fighting over petty things like the size of letters. Grow up !!! Do something worth while, like helping hunggry children,people living on the streets and seniors struggling with their lousy pensions. UNBELIEVABLE !!

  6. Yet they have nothing against “Casa corfu” or “Ristorante Giovanni” or any chinese sign. Only against english signs.
    The trick to to invent a name that sound like english, but is not in any recognizable language. Like “Numan” instead of “New man”.

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