Thanks to everyone for the votes!

Sophie’s  dog adoption was voted #1 shelter on the pet-finder challenge for the province of Quebec.

A big thank you to everyone for their support and votes of confidence.

8 thoughts on “Thanks to everyone for the votes!”

  1. Woohoo! You’re the #1 dog shelter!! Congratulations Sophie and Thank you again for what you do!!

  2. I called sophie and did not know it was a one person show,
    I called 3 times in 3 days , so Sophie calls me back with an attitude, and a condesending tone, just cause i said u guys must not reunite dogs with loving owners, I think Sophie animal rescue needs some courses in customer relation and stop thinking of herself and think of the animals she is trying to get adopted
    So Sophie get off ur High horse and think of the pets first instead of ur EGO

    Best Wishes

    1. Sorry you had a had experience with me, my one and only goal is the dogs. I can be overwhelmed and you may have caught me on a really stressful day. All I ever think about is the dogs.

      3 calls in 3 days from the same person considering the amount of calls I receive leaves me even less time to reply to everyone since I am just one person. You also never allowed 48hrs from the first call before calling back with useless messages, which adds even more messages to the stack of callbacks.

    1. And would like to explain it? or are you just a troll? If anyone has had bad experiences why not fill in these comments with something useful rather then one liners. I also never had any e-mail contact with you “” so who really are you?

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