Hi there! I’m Alysha, a Pitbull mix. Not sure what the other breed(s) is but it looks like maybe Shepherd and Boxer. I’m a very pretty brindled girl with one white paw so it looks like I’m wearing one sock. My nose is rather long and my legs are too so I am not just Pit Bull, that’s for sure.

I get along famously with other dogs and cats. I live with several of them right now in my foster home. I can stay home alone. I won’t cry or bark. I have no problem going in a crate while you’re away for a few hours. I’m really a terrific puppy. I need to get a good sniff of strangers before I feel good about being petted. If people come right up to me too quickly, I will back away. I’m meeting new people every day and have made many new friends. Once I know you, I become your new best friend.

I will be spayed and vaccinated shortly. I already know the basic commands and ask for the door when nature calls. Being still a baby now though, I cannot hold it in all night so pipi pads are needed for me then.

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  1. Alysha is truly the most adorable dog in the world. Once you get to know her, it’s impossible not to fall in love.
    She is bright, eager to please, and learns extremely fast. Considering her difficult debuts in life, it is unbelievable how much progress she has done, especially in socializing with other dogs. Even her slightly dominant (but in no way agressive) side can be tempered with adequate behaviour.
    She is very funny, playful, crazily affectionnate and loyal to whoever she considers her “family”.
    She is a bit shy and needs a little time to adapt to new people, but once she feels comfortable, there is no creature sweeter than her.
    She also has the ability to adapt to circumstances and “sense” what you want without being asked, for example staying calm when you need to work, which we find amazing for a puppy with her level of energy.
    She is beautiful, looking halfway between a pitbull and a greyhound whippet.
    The only downside is that because of her pitbull mix, you may encounter from time to time some people who will act dumb with her or give her a bad look -so she’s the one actually needing to be protected.
    If only we were able to guarantee a forever home, we would adopt her right away, and we already dread how heartbreaking it will be to part with her.
    But we really hope she’ll find the good home she deserves. How lucky they will be :)

  2. Alysha is she still available? if so could i please schedule an appointment to visit her? thank you.

    Nancy 514-505-3330

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