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Maggie XMaggie X

image Maggie X, because Sophie can’t remember how many Maggies’ she’s had. But I am by far the oldest. I’m a sweet twelve year old Shih-Tzu mix, and after a first home ended up at the SPCA. Seven years ago I was adopted by a gentleman, with whom I was loved and well taken care of. Unfortunately, life happens, and my Dad was placed in a home. Because of my age family members were going to send me to the SPCA where I certainly would have been put on death row.  After some thought they decided to hand me over to Sophie’s Dog Adoption. I’m sweet, healthy, playful, and just love everyone. I still have a lot of good years in front of me and would fit in with pretty much anyone, as I’m easy going.


Help Sophie Save Carlotta Regnig

Carlotta Regnig is the perfect example of a backyard breeders lack of care when it comes to their production dogs. Her story is a bit of a mystery as she was found wandering the streets in the middle of the night. Cute as can be, pleasantly plump and wearing an expensive frilly collar. Obviously very pleasing to the eye.


Unfortunately once Sophie looked at her teeth to try and determine her age, thinking someone must be missing this little girl, only to discover the most rotted teeth and caked on tartar, it was definite I was not going to be reunited. Anyone who can leave a dogs mouth like that in such horrendous conditions does not deserve this sweet little girl.

Due to her teeth being so bad her mouth quickly became infected and she stopped eating for two days. Today she had to be rushed to the vet and is now hospitalized with fluids, antibiotics, it would seem the bacteria got into her bloodstream. Sophie being very optimistic is doing everything for her to pull through. So far the estimate is at $352.09 and going up.

If and when she pulls through, the next step will be getting that mouth fixed and yanking those teeth out. That will cost another good chunk of money. To add to this poor little girl’s sufferings she will need to be spayed and have tumors removed from two mammary glands (hopefully not cancerous – but we are not there yet).

Please help us financially to get her back in shape and to give this poor little girl a good home for the rest of her life.

Total collected: $430.00

Lucky Luke


Hi there! I’m Lucky Luke, a one yr old Pit Bull Dogo Argentino mix. I was found as a stray and my owner never claimed me so here I am looking for a new forever home to call my own. I’m a high energy pooch in need of basic training and plenty of regular exercise.

I’m very sweet and loving. I get along great with other dogs. I’m bright and eager to please. I was rather insecure when I was first rescued but have learned to trust people and now enjoy meeting strangers when out on walks.

I have an excellent temperament. I need a structured stable home where I can continue to thrive and become the terrific dog I was meant to be. I need to be on a grain-free diet as I am prone to food allergies.image



Hi there everybody! I’m Prince AKA Prince Pin. I’m only 5 yrs old and already looking for my new forever home. I’m a very sweet boy. Typical to my breed, I’m a happy go lucky energetic little fellow but I’m also obedient and love to snuggle with you. I get along very well with other dogs and cats. I’m not a barker, I’m house-trained and crate-trained and I know my basic commands in French (Viens, assis, couche, reste).

I tend to be very unsure around new people when I first meet them but I warm up to them quickly if they just let me come to them when I’m ready. I’m not at all aggressive. I just back off and cower a little if you approach me but if you insist and try to pick me up, then I will bite. You can have your friends give me a little treat to help me along. That always gets my attention. ;)

I walk best with a harness on a short leash. I can stay home alone. I love car rides and back rubs. I have the cutest little under-bite and very expressive eyes. As adorable as I am, I must receive regular exercise and structure so please no treating me like a spoiled pooch. I look to you for leadership first and foremost.image



I’m the beautiful and smart Gabriella – you can call me Gabi. I am a boxer mix, about 2-3 years old and full of energy. I was found roaming the streets of Montreal, and no one ever claimed me as their lost dog. So I’ve been waiting for the right home to come along and adopt me. I love spending time with my humans, playing, taking long walks or cuddling on the couch.

If you let me snuggle with you and since I am a serial licker, you will be showered with affection too, don’t worry! I get along famously with all people, dogs and cats. I am a very social creature who loves to meet new friends.

I have absolutely no aggression whatsoever. I may be a bit too energetic for very small kids, but I also know how to be gentle. It really would depend on the kids.

I am very obedient and have shown to be a quick learner and very eager to please once I know what is expected of me. I’ve been bouncing in foster care for a while now as there are so many dogs in need, that people don’t really go to reputable rescues anymore, they’ve rather save their own dog from death row. But what do you think would have happened if I didn’t end up with Sophie and was still in a shelter or pound somewhere, I would have been put down a long time ago. So how about giving me a chance at a real home, not just temporary fosters, when I have so many things to offer the world.

An active family would be ideal: I could be a terrific jogging/roller-blade/biking partner, or a good companion to go hiking. And if agility is your thing, I will sure impress you! I need someone that would offer me lots of love and structure, because I always expect you to lead me.

No doubt that with proper training and a balanced life, I would be a fantastic and extremely loyal companion. If you think you can handle that much love in your life, then I’m the gal for you.


Je suis la belle Gabriella, mais vous pouvez m’apeller Gabi. Je suis un boxer croisé, environs 2-3 ans et pleine d’énergie. J’ai été trouvée errant les rues de Montréal, et personne ne m’a jamais réclamé comme étant leur chien perdu. Donc j’attends depuis ce temps de trouver la famille qui m’adoptera. J’adore passer du temps avec mes humains, jouer, prendre de longues marches ou simplement me blottir contre vous sur le sofa.

Si vous me laissez me coller contre vous, et puisque je donne des bisous en série, vous serez également couvert d’affection, ne vous inquiétez pas! Je m’entends à merveille avec tout le monde, les chiens et chats. Je suis une créature très sociale qui adore rencontrer de nouveaux amis.

Je n’ai absolument aucune agression. Je peux être un peu trop énergétique pour de très jeunes enfants, mais je sais aussi être très douce. Ça dépendrait vraiment des enfants.

Je suis très obéissante et ai montré que j’apprends vite et que je suis très prête à faire plaisir une fois que je sais ce qu’on attend de moi. Je me promène de famille d’accueil en famille d’accueil depuis un bout de temps car il y a tellement de chiens dans le besoin, que les gens ne vont plus vraiment dans des organismes réputables, ils préfèrent sauver leur propre chien de la mort. Mais que pensez vous qu’il me serait arrivé si je n’avais pas aboutie chez Sophie et que j’étais encore dans un refuge ou une fourrière, j’aurai été euthanasiée il y a longtemps. Donc pourquoi pas me donner une chance à une vraie famille, pas juste des familles d’accueils temporaire, car j’ai tellement de choses à offrir à ce monde.

Une famille active serait idéale; je pourrais être un compagnon idéal pour faire du jogging/roller-blade/bicyclette et un bon compagnon pour la randonnée, Et si l’agilité c’est pour vous, c’est sûr que je vous impressionnerai! J’ai besoin de quelqu’un qui pourra m’offrir beaucoup d’amour et de structure, car je m’attend toujours à ce qu’on me dirige.

Aucun doute qu’avec le bon entraînement et une vie équilibrée, je ferai une compagne de vie fantastique, et certainement fidèle. Si vous pensez pouvoir avec tout cet amour dans votre vie, je suis la fille pour vous.

Mr. BigMr. Big

image I’ve been named Mr. Big because I’m a HUGE Great Dane. Let’s say I’m the size of a small pony at 185 lbs. Of course I’m done growing as unfortunately I’m already considered a senior, at the age of 6-7. I’m looking for a new home at this stage of my life because having a dog like me is not cheap and my previous owner basically dumped me at his mom’s, who really couldn’t afford to keep me.

I’m very healthy and still quite active, but obviously due to my size and age, not obnoxious. I’m rather mellow at home, but I have a very protective side to me. So ideally I’m looking for someone with experience in handling a huge protective dog. Of course, I am looking for someone who will work on that protection issue and not let me become overprotective of him/her.

Because I’m so big, and can be nervous around new people, I really am looking for a very mellow household, with no kids. I’m great with cats and get along with dogs but due to my size, I don’t really care for tiny dogs.

I am however extremely loving and would love nothing more than to take over your couch, or better yet, have one all to myself. I don’t have too many years in front of me, especially at my size, but if I could find someone to give me that great life for my old age, it would be a dream come true. I’ve been in foster care several months, but due to a situation now have to move and I really think it’s time for me to find my own home. Don’t you agree and won’t you share your home with me? I’m simply wonderful.imageOn m’a nommé Mr. Big car je suis un ÉNORME Grand Danois. Disons que je suis de la taille d’un petit poney à 185 lbs. Évidemment j’ai fini de grandir car malheureusement je suis déjà considéré comme senior, a 6-7 ans. Je me cherche un nouveau foyer à ce stade de ma vie parce qu’un chien de ma taille coûte cher et mon ancien maître m’a plus ou moins abandonné chez sa mère, qui n’a pas les moyens de me garder.

Je suis en excellente santé et toujours assez actif, mais évidemment à cause de ma grosseur, je ne suis pas énervé. Je suis plutôt calme à la maison, mais j’ai un côté protecteur. Donc idéalement je cherche quelqu’un avec de l’expérience avec un gros chien protecteur. Bien sûr, je cherche quelqu’un qui va travailler sur mon problème de protection et ne me laissera pas devenir sur-protecteur de lui/elle.

Étant donné que je suis si grand et peut devenir nerveux près de nouvelles personnes, je cherche un foyer vraiment tranquille, sans enfants. Je suis super avec les chats, et m’entend bien avec les chiens, mais à cause de ma taille, je n’apprécie pas vraiment les tout petits chiens.

Je suis par contre très aimant et n’aimerai rien de mieux que de prendre votre sofa, ou encore mieux, avoir mon propre sofa à moi tout seul. Je n’ai pas des tonnes d’années devant moi, surtout gros comme je suis, et si je pouvais trouver quelqu’un pour me donner une super vie pour mes vieux jours, ce serait un rêve devenu réalité. Je suis en famille d’accueil depuis plusieurs mois, et dû à une situation, je dois maintenant déménager et je pense vraiment que c’est le temps de trouver ma propre maison. Ne pensez-vous pas, et ne voulez-vous pas partager votre maison avec moi? Je suis tout simplement merveilleux.



I’ve been named Chili by my foster home. I’m obviously a Pug / Beagle mix, probably around seven years old and a male. Nothing is known about me other than I was found in between the two gates of a dog park. At first Sophie was sure someone had put me there for safe keeping because I would have been running around the streets of DDO.

But after three weeks of searching for my family, it looks like I may in fact been abandoned.

I’m such a wonderful dog, very smart, well behaved, eager to please, very friendly and just all around a happy dude. I love everything and everyone, I’m clean, I’m quiet and mellow. I would make a wonderful companion to anyone. I’m not a “play with the kids” kind of dog. I don’t mind them but I’m not drawn to them.


J’ai été nommé Chili par ma famille d’accueil. Il est évident que je suis un Pug / Beagle, probablement d’environs sept ans et un mâle. On ne sait rien sur moi sauf que j’ai été trouvé entre les deux barrières d’un par à chiens. Au début Sophie était certaine que quelqu’un m’avait placé là afin de me garder en sécurité car possiblement je courrais dans les rues de DDO.

Mais après trois semaines de recherches pour trouver ma famille, il semblerait que j’ai été en fait abandoné.

Je suis un chien si merveilleux, très intelligent, bien élevé, toujours prêt a faire plaisir, très gentil et tout simplement un gars joyeux. J’aime tout et tout le monde, je suis propre, tranquille et relaxe. Je ferais un excellent compagnon de vie. Je ne suis pas le genre a jouer avec des enfants. Ils ne me dérangent pas mais je ne suis pas particulièrement attiré.



I’m Kasey a young Great Dane mix and I’m looking for a home. I’m sweet, friendly and would be a wonderful addition to any family. I love kids, I love cats, I love dogs. I’m hoping to find a home soon so my new family can educate me properly, I’m very eager to learn and to please.image

Je suis Kasey, une jeune chienne mélangée avec du Grand Danois et je cherche une famille. Je suis gentille, douce et serait une joie pour n’importe quelle famille. J’adore les enfants, j’adore les chats, j’adore les chiens.  J’espère me trouver un foyer bientôt afin que ma nouvelle famille puisse m’éduquer correctement, je suis très prête à apprendre et ne veut que faire plaisir.



I’m Sophie’s latest arrival, Baiba. I got lucky when Sophie showed up at her vet where I had just been taken to be euthanized because of an imaginary skin rash. My doctor having followed me for the last five years confirmed that I have no health issues but my caregiver is very very very old. So my doctor decided he would turn me over to Sophie as he would never euthanize a healthy girl like me.

We’re not sure what I am, definitely some Shih-tzu but with a dinky little tail and about 20 pounds. For sure I’m a little overweight right now but even at that I’m bigger than a typical Shih-tzu.  Even tough I’m only five years old, I act more like an older dog – I guess that comes with living with someone very very very old.

I would see myself with kids, dogs, cats, grandmas or younger folks. Pretty much anything will suit me as long as you love me.image

Je suis la dernière arrivée de Sophie, Baiba. J’ai eue la chance que Sophie aille chez son vet car je venais d’arriver pour être euthanasiée à cause d’un problème de peau imaginaire.  Mon docteur qui m’a suivi depuis les 5 dernières années  a confirmé que je n’avais pas de problème de santé, mais mon ancienne maitresse était très très vieille.  Donc mon docteur a décidé de m’envoyer avec Sophie car jamais il ne ferait l’euthanasie d’une fille en santé comme moi.

On ne sait pas vraiment ce que je suis, définitivement du Shih-Tzu mais avec une toute petite queue et pesant environs 20 lbs. Je suis un peu toutoune maintenant mais je suis quand-même plus grosse qu’un Shih-Tzu typique.  Même si je n’ai que cinq ans, j’agis comme un chien plus vieux – ça doit venir d’avoir vécu avec quelqu’un de très très vieux.

Je me verrais avec des enfants, chiens, chats, grandparents ou jeunes adultes. Pas mal n’importe quel environnement me conviendrais en autant que vous m’aimez.



I’m Kiki! I’m looking for a new home and hopefully a new name. I’m a two year old Schnauzer / Maltese but I didn’t look like much until my new haircut.

I have very few bad habits, one is that I was trained on peepee pads and the other is I became quite barky. I used to live with 4 other little dogs and everybody barked and ran around and we really had no structure.

I am however proving to be a quick learner and would probably do best if I’m the only dog. The reason for that is I can pick up or show bad habits as I get easily distracted, alone I would learn faster.

If you love doggy kisses, then I’m your man.

I get along with pretty much everything and everyone, I’m just a happy go lucky little dog who needs a stable and loving home.




My name is Chaos and I guess it’s due to my energy level as a young pup. However I am no young pup, but in fact a senior dog. I’m actually 10 years old and still very healthy and quite active. You could say the name still suits me. My story is sad, I was kicked out of my house because a baby was born and mom decided she didn’t want any drool or hair or traces of my presence in sight. I have a huge mass on one of my knees that Sophie had asked my family to have removed, but because it’s esthetic, not a health issue and could not be done at the time of sterilization (yea I was just now neutered), they did not want to spend the $500 dollars on what they considered unnecessary. So if money can be raised Sophie will have it removed, if not I may have it for the rest of my life. I’m good with other dogs, NOT good with cats and quite strong and would probably knock children over. However I’m not at all aggressive, I’m all about affection, love and kisses. I may be ten but healthy as I am, I could very well live into my teens.




Not much is known about me, but one thing for sure is I’m a fighter. That’s why I’ve been named Boadicea, I was pulled off death row from one of these horrible gas chambers and have vowed to fight back and survive. I’m probably about three years old and definitely a mutt, your guess is as good as anyone else’s.

So far I’ve proven to be a great gal, well behaved, quick learner and very friendly. I’m good with other dogs, and would probably do well with kids.

I’m now looking for a castle to move into and I would love to share it with you.  


Miss DaisyMiss Daisy

Here I was sitting in my cell facing death row when I overheard ¨rescue groups will be driving Miss Daisy to Montreal, Canada¨.  My huge ears perked up and I ¨thought that`s me, I`m Miss Daisy¨.  Someone from what we call ¨cold country¨ was saving my life.

You see, I`m from down south Georgia, and I spent my life hunting.  Problem is I`m a Bluetick Coonhound, but instead of chasing raccoons I had more fun chasing the chickens from the neighborhood farm.  This farmer neighbor raised chickens who would eventually get plucked, cooked and eaten by humans.  The south is known for it`s fried chicken, my way is much faster and more fun.  Farmer wasn`t impressed and I was sent to the pound.

Down in Georgia prison inmates come and care for us at the pound, each one of us is assigned to someone who becomes our friend.  Likewise we pass through their lives and become a friend until we get adopted.

Unfortunately because of my taste for chicken I was not going to find a home and was facing imminent death.  Sophie heard my story and decided I deserved a new life with no chickens to tempt me.

Also I hear dogs up here wear boots and jackets in winter, I can`t wait to try that on!



My name is Charlemagne and I’m a wonderful two year old mutt. The guess would be westie mix but it’s really just a guess. What I can tell you about me is that I love kids, love dogs, have no issues with cats, not barky, and just all around loving. My foster home describes be as flawless. I would adapt to pretty much any kind of new environment or home. I weight around 20lbs, I’m non shedding and I could enjoy an active life or a mellow one, you pick me and I’ll adapt to your lifestyle. All I want is to love and be loved. Doesn’t my cute face make you melt?


Mon nom est Charlemagne et je suis un merveilleux petit mélange de deux ans. On pense probablement Westie croisé, mais ce n’est qu’une supposition. Ce que je peux vous dire est que j’adore les enfants, j’adore les chiens et aucun problème avec les chats, pas jappeux et tout simplement adorable.  Ma famille d’accueil me décrit comme n’ayant aucun défaut. Je m’adapterais à pas mal n’importe quel genre d’environnement et foyer. Je pèse environs 20lbs, je ne perd pas mon poil et pourrait avoir une vie très active ou très tranquille, vous choisissez et je m’adapterai à votre style de vie. Tout ce que je veux est aimer et être aimé.,  Ma petite face toute cute ne vous fait pas fondre?


I have a new name, Nusumareta and I’m looking for a new home. I’m probably around six years old and it’s obvious I spent my life tied outside.

I’m a big boy, low energy but I’m hoping to get strength and be able to live an active life. So far I’ve shown that I’m good with other dogs and a big teddy bear. I’m looking for the comfort of a home with a dog bed, dog toys and regular healthy meals.

Will you be the one to show me how wonderful life can be?image
J’ai un nouveau nom,  Nusumareta et je me cherche une nouvelle famille. J’ai environs 6 ans et il est évident que j’ai passé ma vie attaché dehors.

Je suis un gros garçon, pas très énergétique, mais j’espère retrouver la force et pouvoir vivre une vie active. Jusqu’à présent j’ai démontré que je suis gentil avec les autres chiens, et au fond un gros nounours.   Je cherche le confort d’une maison avec un beau coussin pour moi, des jouets et des repas régulier et nourrissant.

Serez-vous celui qui me montrera à quel point la vie peut être merveilleuse?


My name is Doby but they might as well called me Tubby. I am a two year old, fat miniature pinscher who has never lived away from my sister Lola 5. We arrived here together with specific issues as we were “tied to the hip”. Being so dependent on my sister, Sophie decided that it’s time I learn how to be my own dog and be independent, so she split us up.

I’m looking for someone who can structure me, socialize me, give me a sense of security and devote their time and affection into helping me have a normal, stable and happy life.

My issues are mainly with strangers and new environments. Another dog to learn from would be beneficial.image
Mon nom est Doby mais on pourrait bien m’apeller Tubby. Je suis un Pinscher Miniature grasset, de deux ans qui n’a jamais vécu sans ma soeur Lola 5. Nous sommes arrivés ensemble avec des problèmes spécifiques car nous étions toujours collés ensembles.  Étant si dépendant de ma soeur, Sophie a décidée qu’il était temps que j’apprenne a devenir indépendant, donc elle nous a séparé.

Je cherche quelqu’un qui pourra me structurer, me donner un sens de sécurité et voudra dévouer leur temps et affection pour m’aider à avoir une vie normale, heureuse et stable.

Mes inquiétudes sont surtout envers les étrangers et nouveaux environnements. Un autre chien avec moi serait bénéfique.

Lola 5

My name is Lola 5 and I’m Doby’s sister. I’m two years old and much smaller than my brother. You see I’m a bit of a finicky eater and he’s a bit of glutton.

We’ve been separated because Doby was learning bad habits from me, such as barking at people. I’m a bit more weary of people, but once I get to know them I’m quite friendly.

What I’m looking for is someone who can structure me so I can learn to be independent and feel secure.

Mon nom est Lola 5 et je suis la soeur de Doby. J’ai deux ans et beaucoup plus petite que mon frère. Je suis un peu difficile pour la nourriture, et lui est plutôt glouton.

Nous avons été séparé parce que Doby apprenait de mauvaises habitudes avec moi, tel que japper après le monde.  Je suis un peu craintive des gens, mais quand je les connais, je deviens assez amicale.

Ce que je cherche est quelqu’un qui peut me donner une structure afin que j’apprenne a devenir indépendante et me sentir confiante.



I have one eye, a new name and a new life up ahead. I’m Giuseppe, a friendly, two year old one eyed Chihuahua who would fit in with pretty much any kind of home.

I have a little bit of that Chihuahua barky side, but I’m not at all aggressive with anyone. I’m just a happy go lucky bouncy little thing who would love to cuddle and snuggle with you.


Je n’ai qu’un oeil, j’ai un nouveau nom et une nouvelle vie qui m’attend. Je suis Giuseppe, un gentil Chihuahua borgne, âgé de deux ans qui serait bien dans n’importe quel genre de foyer.

J’ai mon petit côté jappeux de Chihuahua, mais je ne suis pas du tout agressif avec qui que ce soit. Je suis simplement un petit gars enjoué et plein de vie qui ne veut que se blottir et se coller contre vous.