I have been named Arthur! I was found as a stray after having been sprayed by a skunk…. No one claimed me, I had a terrible ear infection and was to be put down since I wouldn’t let anyone approach my ears….

I look like a Cocker Spaniel except for my nose. Nobody can figure out where it comes from, but I’m about 6 years old and healthy as can be.

I was rescued, put in foster care, my ears have been looked at and taken care of, and I have been bathed! I am a whole new dog and ready to meet a family who will love me.

I have been snappy, so kids are out of the question as I never know when they could do something I don’t like. But I love people, getting kisses, my belly rubbed and being around them. I am great in the car, so far have proved to be good with other dogs and enjoy life in general.

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