Bailey B

I’m Bailey B. Was found on the streets of Lebanon and had the wonderful opportunity to come to find a home in Canada.

Obviously, I’m a Terrier, so the attitude comes with it. I’m most likely a Beagle/Daschund mix, about 5 years old. I do like kids, and love attention and affection, but also a little spoiled. So no small children for me, please. Mature and dog-savvy kids over 10 could do. No cats or other small pets. I am dog selective so a proper intro is a must.

I can nip at you if you do stuff I don’t like and can be dominant in play. So ideally an experienced family with my type of breed would be best. However I’m not a very active dog, so I don’t like biking, jogging, or long walks for me. Regular daily exercise and plenty of mental stimulation will keep me happy. My new home must absolutely offer me a great deal of structure. That means not letting me up on the couch or bed without your permission. I can be quite manipulative so it’s important you set the tone for me the moment I arrive. You’re in charge, not me.

If you think I’m the pooch for you and you’re ready to commit to my well-being for the rest of my life, fill in your application!

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

2 thoughts on “Bailey B”

  1. Greetings Sophie’s Dog Adoption team,
    I’m very interested in Bailey and would like to know how to proceed with the adoption process along with any adoption fees. Please get back to me when you get a chance. Thank you and have a great day.

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