Jackson B

My name is Jackson B, and I was rescued from the streets of Beirut. I weigh 75 lbs, probably a husky mix and approximately 5 years old

My energy is low-medium. I’m lazy inside but love my walks and even enjoy a light jog. 

I LOVE playing with other dogs, my tail is like a helicopter. I adore the dog park. I’m also very friendly with strangers.

My foster mom works all day and I am free to roam in the apartment. I’m not at all destructive and my adorable face is waiting in the window when she comes home.

I LOVE car rides and sticking my head out the window (while safely attached). I get smiles and ‘awwwws’ from everyone we pass – even people in bumper to bumper traffic which is saying something!

I can live in an apartment. I’m not allowed on the furniture and respect that even when you’re not home (as long as I have a comfy bed to myself).

I am NOT ok with cats, but fine  with dog-savvy children over the age of 10. However, I am very strong, so must be supervised properly. 

I am ALMOST the perfect dog.

I’m  such a sweetheart 99.9% of time. The 0.1% comes out when I REALLY want something and you’re standing in my way.  If you hold your ground while keeping a safe distance, I relent. This isn’t every time you try to set boundaries, it happens very very rarely and it would be unfortunate to judge me too harshly because of it…

All in all I’m a great dog, but I’m looking for someone who will not be intimidated by my antics.

If you think you’re the one for me, download and return an application.

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