Bella 4

My name is Bella 4 a Boxer mix and again I’ve changed foster homes due to vacation plans. I went to the dog contest event in hopes that a permanent family would see me and fall in love, unfortunately because of my size and looks people thought I was intimidating so I had to stay out of the park. That means nobody got to see how truly sweet, gentle, playful and affectionate I really am.

I’ve been around since May and feel I’m ready to become a member of someones family.

10 thoughts on “Bella 4”

  1. is she good with cats and dogs? i have a home with two foster cats who are well socialized with dogs and there is a dog who comes to stay with me a couple of times a year for about a month. she is lovely, and i am looking for a dog to foster and possibly keep forever if it works out with my pets.

    1. Bella 4 is ok with cats but would need work with her socialization skills as she likes to chase cats in a playful manner.

      Bella 4 is not looking for a foster home, but a permanent family. If interested and the adoption application is approved by Sophie the possibility of taking her for a few days to see how she interacts with you and the cats is always there.


    2. Is Bella 4 still available? Is so I wouls love to arrange a way to come and see her. If she isn’t thats great too, she found a family! If thats the case let me know if you ever get another Boxer thats great with kids and cats. Thank you.

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