My name is Bono, and I am the most wonderful shih-tzu you will ever meet. Wonderful doesn’t even begin to describe me.

I am 4 years old and came from Mexico with my family last year. However, due to a situation back home, they had to return but could unfortunately not take me back with them.

It is obvious that if they could have sent for me, they would have. I have been evaluated and turn out to be what is considered in the rescue world as a “perfect pooch”. Literally. I have been staying with a foster home who takes me to work daily in his zootherapy program, and I am a true champ at this.

I am very tolerant of all manipulations, listen extremely well, never ever had an accident in the house, not barky, not hyper, good with kids, seniors, and pretty much anyone.

I am not destructive, so could easily stay home while you work, and have basically no issues. That is why I am considered “perfect”. Wouldn’t you agree from reading my bio?

I know I will be very popular, so if you want to be first, go download the application form and return it ASAP so you can meet me and see for yourself!

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