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Meet the stunning 8 yr old CKC registered (tattooed) Standard Poodle Manolo. Them “fancy” dogs do often in up in rescue and Manolo is no exception. Manolo is a terrific pooch that always received great care until his owner decided moving in to a high end condo was more important than keeping her dogs (there were two). Help was offered to fight this legally questionable condo rule but she turned Sophie down claiming she did not want to be a bother with the condo board and surrendered him to SDA instead. We tried. We always try. In the end, what matters is saving the dog.

So….Manolo is now looking for his second and LAST forever home. Awesome dog, extremely well trained with your basic commands and a big lover of people. Pretty clueless initially when it came to interacting around other dogs however (poor socialization) but he caught on real quick with supervised intros and training. He is extremely bright and eager to please. Zero aggression issues, excellent health aside from a fatty deposit on his leg we will have removed asap. His foster home adores him. He is simply a wonderful fellow full of love and plenty of spunk. Big fan of playing fetch.

His teeth are great by the way. He was used to having them brushed. He was groomed often as well so no problem there. He is a real softy and very easy to handle. He’s still very much in his prime at 8 yrs old and only had one owner so whoever is first to apply and be approved for him will be very lucky as we suspect he will be very popular. The standard life span for a Standard Poodle like Manolo is 12 to 15 years.

Serious adopters are invited to download the adoption request form located on our web site at
First come, first served. We only screen one adoption request at a time and place the dog on hold while that screening takes place.

He is of course neutered as all SDA dogs so FYI breeders . Montreal and area.

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