Well, what do you know! I’m only 11 weeks old and already looking for my second (and final) home.

My name is Bosley, I’m a beautiful Cocker, or mix, and as charming as can be.

I was purchased on a Saturday, and brought to Sophie’s Dog Adoption the following Tuesday! 3 days is how long I stayed with the person who “bought” me from a “breeder” on Kijiji.

I’m a puppy. So what can I tell you? I’m not housetrained, obviously. You’ll need to teach me that.

I use my teeth to play! I love slippers, wires, and carpets (pulling out the threads is fun!) so you need to work with me on teaching me right from wrong.

I’ll need lots of toys, and lots of stimuli, but most importantly you will need to have patience! I’m just a baby!

So there it is. I’m a puppy in rescue at only 11 weeks old. This is your chance to get a rescue dog that you’ll actually raise yourself!

But be prepared, I’m gonna be very popular. So put in your application fast if you want to have a chance at adopting me!

To do so, visit

I will charm you while nibbling on your shoelaces!

7 thoughts on “Bosley”

  1. we lost our baby back in May after 14 years.
    we have a bungalow with a closed in fence.
    we also have 2 cats and would love to give this baby a happy life.
    please feel free to contact me at 438-340-7260 as we would love to be introduced to Bosely and see how he feels

  2. I’d just like to thank Bosley’s previous owners for being responsible enough to realise early on that they were not the right match for this puppy and to give him up to an animal rescue at such a young age.
    Wishing Bosley the best family and a great start to a good life.

  3. what a sweetheart
    i currently own a english cocker spaniel & i would love to invite a forever friend into our home. My current pup & this pup look identical & i think may have come from the same Kijiji breeder, therefore i have much experience and knowledge on taking care of Bosley.

  4. Hello, Bosley is a beautiful puppy. We would be interested in adopting Bosley. We lost our last cocker (Lilly) to cancer Aug 26, 2022.
    We are ready to find another dog in need of all the love we have to give.

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