Zola is my name, and 4 months is my age! Cane Corso mix? Maybe.

I was purchased by someone on Kijiji at 8 weeks. He had me a month, put me back on Kijiji.

A lady went and got me, she had me a month and realized as a single mom of a toddler, it was not easy to manage two babies! With 4 legs, I run faster than her toddler!!!

So now I’m with Sophie’s Dog Adoption to find my 3rd and final home. At this rate, I’ll have 12 homes in a year. Puppies are cute (and I’m adorable), but we’re a lot of work.

At 4 months, I’m a good puppy, but I’ll be teething soon. So furniture, shoes , remotes and wires, watch out!

If you are ready to take on the puppy challenge, and keep me my whole life, you know what to do.

To fill out a form, visit :


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