My name is Boy. I am a sweet 7 year old dog who has lived a life tied to a dog house outdoors, and once my family decided I was ready to throw away and get a new puppy, some wonderful lady took me in to save my life. My breed has been a total guess, some said a mixture of Rotweiler/ChowChow, some said maybe Bouvier des Flandres/ChowChow, but after being with Sophie’s Dog adoption for several months, there is a good possibility I could be some kind of Otterhound mix. I have the characteristics and temperament, so it could very well be.

I have proven to be very good with the kids, but I can get excitable with excited, young kids, and huge dogs with little kids don’t usually mix too well. I am great with people, but have some ‘leash aggression’ when I meet other dogs. When off leash, it can go well, or it can go not so well. I definitely need someone who can work with me on socialization with other dogs, or keep me away from them.

I looooove the indoors. This family who took me in really showed me the life! I don’t ever want to end up outside again, even though I am big and hairy, I am no Bigfoot! I don’t belong outdoors, I am a big Teddy Bear who will keep you warm at night if you’ll let me!

I am a very good boy, I can stay alone during the day, am not destructive, of course due to my age not high-energy, but always willing to go with you. I love car rides, even if it’s to go to the corner store. But it’s always better to walk me there as I don’t like my nails being clipped, so I need to trim them by walking regularly.

I also love playing fetch, so someone who wants to spend some time throwing a ball around with me would keep me in shape.

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  1. Hey Sophie ! I’ve been checking your site every so often to see how my “Boy” was doing and am so pleased to see that he’s been adopted !! Can you tell me when he found his forever home ? And without revealing details, what’s his new family like ? Single owner, family with kids, other animals ? How’s he doing ? Do you check in once in awhile after the adoptions are finalized ?
    I so hope that in the future I’ll have the option (with my lease) to be able to help you out with fostering !
    Best of everything to you !!! And a million thanks for taking such great care of this wonderful, wonderful dog ! He should never have been “thrown away”, but it clearly had to happen in order for him to find a caring, understanding and loving forever family so that he could finally “LIVE” ! Here’s wishing him the best ! I love you Boy ! – Nat

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