Briana & Riana

Our names are Briana and Riana and we are sisters. We’re born around the 1st of August and are what is known as Blue Nose Pitbulls. Both our parents are very stocky dogs (between 60 & 80lbs) so we should be big girls.

We are considered rejects because both of us have an underbite so we were given to Sophie’s Dog Adoption to make sure we would not be used for breeding. We hope to stay together a couple more weeks so we can continue our socialization.

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  1. I am fostering the two at the moment and they are wonderful. They are beautiful, healthy and active, and sleep through the night!

    They seem to respond to “off” and “C’mon” but it may just be my tone of voice. They both go on newspaper if its in sight. They were born on August 1st, so although they’re young they’re already showing signs of being smart little ones.

    To whoever adopts them:

    PLEASE socialize your dog, train her, and inform yourself. Keep in mind that these dogs have awful and inaccurate reputations and pit bull owners are responsible for that.

    Raise a good dog and show her off to the world!!

  2. me and my boyfriend have been looking for a dog for a while now and i came upon briana’s picture and i fell in love :) this is the seventh time i come back to this website to look at her picture because i’ve made up my mind i want her :) she is absoloutley adorable.

    1. I’ll send you the application form via email. Take the time to read it carefully, answer everything as detailed as possible as it helps Sophie make sure she’s the right dog for you guys. Also make sure to include the appropriate references as per your age group mentioned in the last section of the application as that can cause your application to be rejected.

      Once we receive a formal application by email and its approved you can then go visit them in their foster home.


  3. I am very interested in adopting Briana (the dark furred one)! She is the most adorable little thing I have ever seen! My boyfriend and I finaly found a duplex that allow dogs… We have wanted a dog for so long now and we think that she would be the perfect addition to our family. Hope to hear from you soon!

  4. Hi,

    I would like to foster these two puppies. Are they (or any other puppies) available for fostering?

    Please let me know.

  5. Hi,
    I am very interested in adopting one of these cuties. I am experienced with pit bull I have one and hes amazing big baby. How much does it cost to adopt?
    Thank you

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