British Max

I’m Max the British Spaniel! I’m a beautiful adult male but despite my handsome looks I’m looking for a new home. I have never been left alone as my family had a small business and brought me to work with them.

From the first day I arrived I was fearful of strangers and over the first year growled a few times at people and occasionally the kids at home. I grew up into a beautiful dog, very playful I love to swim and good with the kids. I live with three right now a 14 year old, 4 year old and 8 months old and I’m very gentle and friendly with all of them.

I’m very handsome and fully housetrained but I do have a few bad points that will need some work. I cannot be left alone for a long time, not so great at the dog park as I am a bit dominant (this may change as I was recently neutered) very alert and somewhat growly with strangers.

The reason I’m looking for a new home is that my human brother doesn’t want to walk me more then 10 minutes twice a day and Dad doesn’t have time. So Mom feel bad for me, spending my life sitting, waiting for a short walk, food and back to my place for more sitting and waiting. I’m a good dog and she wants me to have a better and happier life.

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