Hello there! I’m Chiko. You may have seen my photo and heard about my sad story on the news this last Summer. I was found in a very emaciated state (see photo 3 ) by 2 good Samaritans who decided to take me home. I was obviously a victim of neglect. I’m now 10 months old and full of energy. Although the couple who rescued me fell madly in love with me, they realize that they lack the experience and time required to take care of me properly. Their wish for me is to find the perfect home where I will get the exercise and training I need. Right now, I lack education but my desire to learn is obvious.

I’m a real love nugget but I have not been taught manners around other dogs and I have a lot of energy I need to release. Regular exercise like daily long walks is very important for my well-being. I spent most of my young life confined to a crate, unable to move, my mouth tied shut it would seem based on my scar and was starved. Imagine how much I love to be free now! I need a calm and confident leader who will understand my needs but not feel sorry for me . I need someone to provide me with structure and of course, much love. I’m neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped.

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  1. Hello my name is Darrell today I had to put down my dog I rescued 16 years ago he was loved and will be remembered . I have read about chico and once again would like to make sure he will be loved for all his remaining years and never have to be locked up . I have a male pitt two years old and he too is full of energy and don’t listen to well but the sweetest dog ever . I believe I can handel this type of dog too many people want them for the wrong reason’s . I want my dog ceasar to have a new pal I can tell he has been affected by the loss of the dog he saw every day and would like to get an animal that can match his energy my old boy wanted to play but just was too weak . please consider me .

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