My name is Cooper, I am about 1 1/2 years old and still very much a teenager.

I am a big boy, which is why the guess I might have some Mastiff. But it’s really just a guess.

I love people, other dogs, cats, kids, but I am a little dominant and excitable so I need someone who will know how to handle me. An Alpha is what I need, or I will manipulate and take over as boss of the house! I had a rough start, having already had 2 homes (if you can call them that) where my life meant being tied outside to a doghouse, and the family/kids coming to play with me once in a while. So rules on how to play soft??? Don’t know. I like to bounce on you, chew on your arms, knock you down if I can, all in good fun!! But… that is not what people consider well-behaved, and for that I was put on death row at the shelter where I was brought.

I am good during the day, if crated, as I tend to try and find food wherever food may be. I am housetrained, calm in general, and very friendly.

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