Dale Brown

I have been given a first and last name. It’s Dale Brown! You see, I was “dropped off” in front of the Dalesville Church in Brownsburg Quebec. And when we say “dropped off” we literally mean it.

Someone drove by the Church on a Sunday, opened the car door, pushed me out and drove off. Of course I started running up the street after them, but my little legs couldn’t catch up. This nice couple who were the last to leave the Church, saw this and couldn’t believe their eyes. They came after me and picked me up before I got hit by traffic, and when they saw me up close they were shocked at the condition of my coat. It was so matted you couldn’t feel my body. It was like picking up a rolled up shaggy rug.

Not being able to reach Sophie right away they sent me to the local pound where they were told that I could only be held 72hrs but it was obvious no one claim me nor even want to “buy” me seeing my extremely neglected condition, they would have to put me down after 72hrs. This nice couple saw right away how sweet I was so made a deal to pull me back out after the 72hrs was up. Meanwhile Sophie came home, returned their phone call and made arrangements for me to go there when my time would be up. 72hrs later I was brought to Sophie’s.

She says she has seen a lot of neglected dogs in the last 15 years, but one with a “matted carpet of hair” that thick, she had never seen. She knew from the description she had been given that grooming me would take a while and had booked 2hrs at the do it your self place. She took one look at me and thought: 2hrs? Will my blade even go through this? Is this even doable?

It was, with patiences, time, caution and some darn good surgical blade, she was able to have decent results, even beyond her own expectations. I don’t know how I look but I sure feel like a new dog.

Sophie can communicate with us and we usually understand her, but I don’t speak human language “just body language” and cannot tell her what breed or mix I am. She says I look like mini version of the dog she grew up with, Monsieur, who was a Wire Haird Pointing Griffon. My face she says is identical, the body is what’s different as I’m only 22lbs have a long tail and she’s not sure what colour I will be when my hair grows out but she suspects it will be beige or gray with possibly some brown. You don’t want to know what colour I was, this bath was definitely my first. She thinks I’m between 10 to 16 months old.

6 thoughts on “Dale Brown”

  1. OMG Sophie – I agree. The face is almost Griffon…….compare to my profile picture….my recently deceased Wired Hair Pointing Griffon.
    But size is too small thus it must be a cross of somethign.
    Plus the ‘matting’ is also a give away – Griffons don’t matte on their body – only behind their legs. So if it had hair that matted all over – it is not a purebreed griffon.
    Keep us UTD on his status. His face is scruptious.

  2. sophie – i just realized there are some people breeding thos hypo allergetic dogs that are poodles and labs. a friend of mine has a minature poodle/chocolat lab mix that has a face like my griffon because of the coloring and hair mixture and on the small side. this may explain what this guy is. however in QC there are a few griffon breeders adn i think about 2 or 3 of them on the south shore

  3. Sophie i have a question, my friends want a small hypoallergenic female puppy… if you get any dgs like that can you please respond to this?? thanks so much!

  4. Ho there, I think Dale Brown is just adorable! How can I go about meeting him, looking into adoption? Also, is he a hypoallergenic dog with hair?

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