Diesel 3

I’m from the Mastiff family and my name is Diesel 3. I’m born in December 2009 and a Cane Corso / Mastiff mix (probably English). I’m a big boy, not fully grown, a little excitable due to my young age but very gentle and friendly.

I’m presently learning some basics at school and should graduate within the next few weeks. I’ve shown that I can be mouthy but I was also brought up playing tug-of-war, which was the worst thing for a dog my size.

I’m definitely for someone experienced with my breed and will need some continued structure in order to be a fantastic dog.

3 thoughts on “Diesel 3”

  1. Hi Sophie, Diesel looks lovely. what is his present status report.
    I’m moving to a dog ok building for april and i would love to foster him (if he is still available). I have fostered in the past for you 3years ago(Tiny (Dane) & Smokey (boxer/hound) before taking in my own rescues..

  2. Hello Sophie ,We would like to have some info about Diesel .Who adopted him and how is he doing…

    Thank you

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