Hello there! I’m Ernestine. A young rust colored red-nosed female American Pitbull Terrier. I apologize for that little bit of drool on my pics. I had just been taken out of a car and had gotten a little sick from all the commotion. Once I got out and met with my new friend Annie the canine educator, I relaxed and went for a quick run with her. She was very impressed with how well I followed her lead and responded to commands to stop, sit and stay.

I sure aim to please and she said I was a brilliant dog. I never once tried to jump up on her despite her giving me a whole of excited affection to test me. I did shower her with kisses since that’s the way us Pit Bulls respond to much appreciated affection and she really liked my kisses.

My rescuer Sophie knew I was special since she decided to save my life despite already being completely full with other dogs people dumped like yesterday’s garbage and ended up under her care. She made sure to make room for me. I was on my way to this awful high kill pound called the Berger Blanc. God knows what would have happened to me if I ended up there! I get along with other dogs, cats and I sure love people a whole lot. Very typical of my breed. We are extremely loving, bright and eager to please. My foster home reports that I am simply perfect.

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  1. We fostered Ernestine for a bit more than 10 days, she is a wonderful dog. Listens very well. She does not look that big in reality she is smaller. I would have kept her but she did not get along with my other dog, she gets along with most dogs. Hope she finds a good forever home soon.

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