I have been named Filou. I was found wandering around in the country, in really bad shape. I was sick, lonely and cold. My hair was falling out, I was itchy and my skin was so damaged it looked like I might have cancer. I am about 5 years old, and Sophie was going to do anything to save me!

So I was brought to a vet, a biopsy was taken, blood tests, skin scrapings, I was neutered and treated for all and every parasites in case I had some.

Sophie’s Dog Adoption who is the forever optimist, was relieved when told it was probably allergies due to food or the environment I was living in. I may have been sleeping on something like insulation or something similar.

I was shaved down, given medicated shampoos, medication, and good quality food, and I am like new. One of my ears has been damaged in the past, probably due to a fight or an accident and not taken care of, so it folds down and is scarred. But it gives me a look that melts your heart!

I have come out of my shell and LOVE the indoors and my new foster home. I have a couple of beds to choose from, dog friends and toys to play with, someone to kiss me, hug me, love me, talk sweet to me, and I just LOVE it! After a life of living outside (as my coat evidently proved), I have now gotten used to the luxury of living indoors.

My hair is growing in, my skin is getting better, and the itchiness is all gone. I am a bit of a scavenger, though, so I like to get into the garbage and any kind of food that is left behind. I was used to fending for myself, and probably went around into peoples’ garbage when they left their cottages for the week!

I am starting to make friends at the dog park, but I also like to protect it and bark when people enter. It has become my new ‘property’ when we go out, and it actually makes people laugh. I have a loud voice and can be heard across the park! I will make sure to protect your property if you adopt me!

I am a very sweet boy, love kids, other dogs, and would probably do well with cats. To know me is to love me, I will charm your heart in a nanosecond!

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