It’s me again, I’m back from my in-between foster home and Sophie hasn’t found another one yet. So I’m on my way to the dog contest event with the gang and hope that I catch someones eye and find a foster home today, or I’ll be going back to Sophie’s with the gang.

Update: Well today was quite a day, before arriving at the dog contest event and seconds after that picture of me sticking my head out the window was snapped, I jumped out and even though I was tied in the car my collar snapped and I found my self running in the middle lane of highway 40. Two lanes of traffic came to a stop and thankfully a dog friendly trucker directly behind Sophie, got out and grabbed me before I was squished on the road. He called me a real little stunt dog.

Unfortunately, that little stunt did not land me into a new foster home. So please, please be kind-hearted and give me a stable foster home until I find the family who will love me forever.

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