I’m one of four Shih-Tzu puppies who where born on November 8th, 2011, three boys and one girl. Our mom isĀ Zsa-Zsa the Shih-Tzu who was found in a state of neglect. Unfortunately we came as a surprise as it was obvious mom had many litters but didn’t look pregnant when found.

I’m Jamal, the second born and the only black one at birth. However, I’m becoming a beautiful blond, yet I’m a boy. We are all very lively, friendly and learning quickly to socialize well with our siblings and our foster “dad”. In fact, since mommy was a puppy-mill dog, by the time we were four weeks old she was starting to turn us down from nursing.

At that point, she decided to take a break and therefore our foster “dad”, Tarzan has been doing all the socialization and teaching that mom should be doing. We are now ready to start going into permanent homes and are looking be adopted by committed people who will love us our entire life.

We had the chance of being born in the care of Sophie’s Dog Adoption which gives us a better chance at a real life then if we had been sold to pet shots. Don’t abandon us and we will be the most faithful friend you will ever have.

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