Kahlua is a good natured, inquisitive and energetic young Lab/Shepherd mix who was rescued from death row at a local kill shelter.

He’s only 9 months old, but Kahlua has spent the majority of his life behind shelter bars, through no fault of his own. As a puppy he was dumped at the shelter and then his adoptive family returned him when they learned their landlord didn’t allow dogs.

Spending so much time in the stressful shelter environment, with little human contact, exercise, or exposure to fresh air and sunlight caused Kahlua to compulsively lick his rear leg. When a small irritation developed they decided it was reason enough to put Kahlua down for life.

A kill shelter in no place for a young, pleasant, loveable dog like Kahlua to live or die, so now he’s with Sophie’s Dog Adoption, decompressing and waiting for his forever home!

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