Out with the old and in with the new. My name is Lenny and at one year of age, I’m considered the old one. You see, my family bought me in a petshop when I was a cute little fluff ball and now a cute Pitbull puppy has taken my place. I’m a little bit shy but friendly and somewhat curious. What am I? A typical Quebec puppymill mutt, by my looks we could think Lhasa Apso / Bichon Frise. But I could really be anything. I was sold as a novelty, a gadget, something to play with and nobody really cared, I was just cute and fun.

Now I also want to be loved, groomed, taken care of and be a member of my next family, not just another novelty. I have lots of potential, dogs, cats and kids I would welcome, or just a simple quiet household would be fun too. All I want is that forever home.

2 thoughts on “Lenny”

  1. Congratulations – you found your forever Mom and Dad!
    I’ll never forget you.

    (foster mom)

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