Leo B

Hi there! My name is Leo B. I came from Lebanon where I was found in a certain state of neglect. I went to a shelter where they realized I didn’t belong there. So I was offered the chance of Canadian life, and I jumped on the occasion. So here I am looking for love again. I’m young, probably a little over a year old, so be ready to have me for the next 15 years.

I’m good with dogs but have not tested with cats or other small pets. As for children, very dog-savvy kids 10 years and up could do. I’m very quick to bond with my humans. As cute as I may be, it’s important not to let me follow you around everywhere. Don’t let me become a needy and insecure little guy, please.

16 thoughts on “Leo B”

  1. Would love to adopt this gorgeous little fellow .I have a 2yr old yorkie now and would like to get another dog .my 16yrs old yorkie just passed

  2. I have adopted one to two dogs over the last 30 years. I’m not sure if this is the right dog but he sure looks great.

    1. Vous avez du recevoir le règlement de l’Adoption FormDemande d’adoption Numéro de l’objet 1892.
      J’aimerais rencontrer le charmant Léo B avant adoption. Pourriez -vous me dire quand et où ? Merci. J’ai hâte.

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