Levi 3

I’m Levi 3, a stunning five year old male Shepherd and after being adopted two years ago by what Sophie thought would turn out to be a wonderful family for me, I was given one hour to be picked up by Sophie or my family was bringing me to the SPCA.

You see, I’m a Shepherd and therefore very protective of my home and family. They knew this when they adopted me and had told Sophie they would work on this to make me more accepting of people entering my house. However, despite the numerous attempts to offer help and guidance, they claimed that the issue was getting resolved, that I was a wonderful boy and in fact didn’t mind this protective side of me.

Unfortunately my family split up and a new girlfriend came into the home. I’m not sure exactly what went wrong, but this new girlfriend called Sophie’s Dog Adoption tonight, claiming I had bit someone and if she did not take me back immediately they would bring me to the SPCA and ask that I be euthanized.

You can bet Sophie got in her car and I am now safe and sound. Thankfully she was not going to let this new girlfriend who obviously didn’t like me let my Dad have me killed because he didn’t know or care enough to work with me. You know what? I really didn’t like this new chick anyway I deserve better than that. So please give me my 3rd and final home, work with me on this over protective issue on my turf and I will be your most loyal, faithful companion.

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