Hello world, I’m a puppymill rescue who’s going on 6 months old (I’m born in February) and August 1st was my first outing.

I’m very friendly, shy, but young enough to learn quickly about my surroundings.

Obviously structure will be a must as  my foster home has been working very hard with me.

I am now “housetrained”. I had never gone for a walk on a leash, but have been  learning all this in my foster home.

Sophie has called me Lil’Bean, but you can pick a better name. She just thinks I look like a cute little bean. I sure am active and bouncy, so be prepared before you even apply.

I’m possibly a Beagle mix, but it’s unknown what the mix is. I should not get much than 30 lbs though. One document says I’m a Pug mix! 

Are you ready for an active puppy in your house? I’m going through the teething phase, so you’ll need lots of chew toys .

I’m being crated right now, and I would suggest you keep that up when you leave so I don’t develop separation anxiety. I don’t have “bad” habits yet, I just need to learn the right way.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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