Hello world, I’m a puppymill rescue who’s going on 6 months old (I’m born in February) and August 1st was my first outing.

I’m very friendly, shy, but young enough to learn quickly about my surroundings.

Obviously structure will be a must as  my foster home has been working very hard with me.

I am now “housetrained”. I had never gone for a walk on a leash, but have been  learning all this in my foster home.

Sophie has called me Lil’Bean, but you can pick a better name. She just thinks I look like a cute little bean. I sure am active and bouncy, so be prepared before you even apply.

I’m possibly a Beagle mix, but it’s unknown what the mix is. I should not get much than 30 lbs though. One document says I’m a Pug mix! 

Are you ready for an active puppy in your house? I’m going through the teething phase, so you’ll need lots of chew toys .

I’m being crated right now, and I would suggest you keep that up when you leave so I don’t develop separation anxiety. I don’t have “bad” habits yet, I just need to learn the right way.

To apply, visit and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

One thought on “Lil’Bean”

  1. I am very interested in lil bean. The name is perfect! I assume he is a male but female or male does not matter to me. I grew up with dogs my whole life from chihuahua to a St Pierre. In between had a husky pig and a pug mix. They have their own seat at the table but right and now my house is dogless as I lost my two dogs within 6 days of each other one was planned as he could no longer walk it happened overnight we tried to get him needles it did not help he was still happy he just couldn’t walk and he was quite a big dog about a hundred pounds and he was 13 years old he had a good life. Our other little dog which was like a mini husky was extremely wild she was so much fun very talkative just a riot to have unfortunately had a seizure six days later we bought her to a regular vet and they did what they could but they didn’t see a good outcome so we bought her to the emergency vet but unfortunately we had to let her go and she was only 6 years old. So needless to say because I did not know if I would be getting a puppy or a dog of a year and a half I really didn’t know we didn’t do the repairs that our other little dog damaged because that’s okay that’s what puppies do I do have cats though this little guy little bean would be with two cats upstairs they are very timid but they do eventually come around as they do like dogs but if he shows no affection they will not bother him and go on their side of the gate I have a gated backyard but I never ever ever have left my dogs alone in my life I am so worried to lose them they are family I do not know where you are located because I think I lost it somewhere here but I live in chateauguay Quebec if you consider me and my family I have a very very quiet 15 year old son and my husband my house is very quiet without my dogs it’s always been a dog house always will be and the only way to do this is to save one

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