My name is Pawla, and I’m a street dog from Morocco.

I was rescued by a lady who used to feed stray cats, when she noticed me, a young puppy, coming around to get some food too.

It was obvious I had a bad leg, a break that healed on its own. So she took me off the streets and eventually arranged for me to come to Canada.

I’ve been here for a while but nobody really worked on my socialization so Sophie’s Dog Adoption took me in and I am learning to go on walks outside and explore this new country.

I am very shy, still skittish of a lot, so I’m looking for a very patient person or family to slowly bring me to being a “normal” and confident girl.

I’m still young (-2 years old)and don’t have a prey drive do could live with cats or other critter.

Dogs I’m totally fine with. Having a dog friend could maybe even help me learn to be “free” of my past.

If you want more information about me you can e-mail and to apply, visit

and follow the procedure to obtain an application form.

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