Lola 3


My name is Lola 3, I was found as a stray and no one came looking for me. I am about 1 year old, maybe less, and probably a Boxer mix.

I am very sweet, but don’t have much manners yet, so a lot of learning to do. However, I’m a very sweet girl, a little excited around other pets, but not a mean girl at all. I just need someone who can structure me, give me some basic obedience, be patient and help me learn how to be a well adjusted, well socialized dog.

My eagerness to please is admirable and I’m very bright. If you think you could be that person/family, contact my people. They need an experienced foster or permanent home for me asap. * Because I appear to have some Pit Bull in me, it is important that I be placed in an area where there is no breed specific legislation in place. I don’t have the standard wide Pit Bull jaw and head BUT if I look like a Pit Bull, then I will be seen as a Pit Bull. Many very uneducated people out there fear this breed sadly. So, as a precaution, we’re saying I’m part Pit Bull but chances are I am not. Regardless….I’m a great girl either way. Hope you’re not the kind to discriminate against this highly unjustly persecuted breed. Dogs are dogs! We all need the same thing….your love and devotion.image

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  2. Lola is a dream, everyone falls in love with her. She’s got a lot of energy but a lot of love too!

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