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My name is Manolo, I am an 8 year old Standard Poodle, CKC registered and all, yet I was given up by my second home for no other reason than I was no longer wanted. Mom bought a condo, and I was not welcome there.

I was given up with my gal, 6 year old Caboose, but she was adopted right away. I was part of a “deal”, when one of us went, both had to leave immediately. So I ended up at Sophie’s Dog Adoption.

I am very healthy, my teeth were brushed regularly so quite nice, groomed often, and in general well taken care of all these years, other than there really was no love in my life for the last 4 years.

Now I am re-discovering having someone who gives me affection, attention, plays with me, takes me for walks, all the stuff a dog should do and I am just loving it! My foster mom finds me so funny, smart, well behaved, she pretty much describes me as perfect. Being a senior doesn’t mean I am not the guy for you. On the contrary, I am the best. Seriously! I play peek-a-boo, tug of war and all kinds of games. I’m no old boring dog.

I don’t see myself around young kids, or hyper dogs, but other than that any lifestyle will suit me just fine. I am easy going, will go with your schedule, your routine and lifestyle and be happy as a king!

Once you meet me, you’ll know what I mean about being the best! My charm, looks, good manners and sweet personality, I know you will not resist…

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