I’m Minnie, and I am a darling little Miniature Pinscher female. I guess they named me Minnie because of my big mouse ears!

I’ve already had 2 homes at the age of 2, yours will be my 3rd and hopefully my last home. I was slightly mistreated by very young kids, so not too crazy about them. I would do much better with older kids, no kids, or very respectful and mellow kids.

I am a little shy and skittish at first, but once I get to know you, I’m very eager to be your friend. I was somewhat pee-pee pad trained, but for the last year have also been going out and have learned quite well that’s when I should do my business! Basically, I’m a very smart girl!

With some training, structure, exercise and discipline, I will be a wonderful Min-Pin. Not like some of them you meet down the street, literally walking on their back legs trying to munch people’s ankles. That’s not going to be me if you help me along. Right now I like to bark at people I meet, but I’m already learning that’s not cool.

Can you be the one to love me forever?

2 thoughts on “Minnie”

  1. no she was the smallest of the puppies…so we named her minnie or minmin was for short..shes 2 years past..my daughter only likes cats or dogs when they are babies so since she gave me back minnie she thought i would give her a new pup but no way finished no more pets for her…thank you for taking her and helping my son with phil…

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