Miss DaisyMiss Daisy

Here I was sitting in my cell facing death row when I overheard ¨rescue groups will be driving Miss Daisy to Montreal, Canada¨.  My huge ears perked up and I ¨thought that`s me, I`m Miss Daisy¨.  Someone from what we call ¨cold country¨ was saving my life.

You see, I`m from down south Georgia, and I spent my life hunting.  Problem is I`m a Bluetick Coonhound, but instead of chasing raccoons I had more fun chasing the chickens from the neighborhood farm.  This farmer neighbor raised chickens who would eventually get plucked, cooked and eaten by humans.  The south is known for it`s fried chicken, my way is much faster and more fun.  Farmer wasn`t impressed and I was sent to the pound.

Down in Georgia prison inmates come and care for us at the pound, each one of us is assigned to someone who becomes our friend.  Likewise we pass through their lives and become a friend until we get adopted.

Unfortunately because of my taste for chicken I was not going to find a home and was facing imminent death.  Sophie heard my story and decided I deserved a new life with no chickens to tempt me.

Also I hear dogs up here wear boots and jackets in winter, I can`t wait to try that on!

6 thoughts on “Miss DaisyMiss Daisy

    1. If Sophie hasn’t given you more info, I would gladly tell you more about Daisy and the progress she has made in the last year with me. However the final decision about the adoption is up to Sophie.

  1. I would love to have a fellow Southern Belle as a sister!! My name’s Miss Destiny, and I’m a 12-years-young Boykin Spaniel from South Carolina! I am full of love for the world, and so’s my Momma. We sure would love to meet you, Miss Daisy! xo

  2. Hi, I was wondering if you could give me an update on Miss Daisy. I work at the boarding kennel she was at after leaving the Rome Shelter, and I also took her on the first leg of her long journey to Canada. I was very attached to her, and have periodically checked back to see how she was doing.

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