My name is Mum. I should be arriving from Beirut, Lebanon on January 17,2010 if all goes as planned. I am a very playful, affectionate, loving dog who gets along great with other dogs.

I have never been around cats in Lebanon, so it is still unknown how I will react, but I am a gentle girl so with some training, I should learn to love them. I was rescued from the streets with my tips of my ears cut off, as is a tradition in Lebanon for some people. It is a myth that by cutting our ears off when we are puppies and making us eat them, it makes us aggressive. But this is just a cruel myth.

The first one of us to make it to Montreal to Sophie’s Dog Adoption a couple of years back was AngelBoy, a dude kind of like me who had the same fate. He is the most loving and gentle soul and I heard loves his new life in Montreal. So I am dreaming for the same. A family who will overlook my atrophied ears and love me for who I am, not for how I look. I will be grateful for the rest of my life, and I hope to have a bed of my own just like AngelBoy has (I heard he even has his own couch – now that’s the life!!).

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