I have a new name, Nusumareta and I’m looking for a new home. I’m probably around six years old and it’s obvious I spent my life tied outside.

I’m a big boy, low energy but I’m hoping to get strength and be able to live an active life. So far I’ve shown that I’m good with other dogs and a big teddy bear. I’m looking for the comfort of a home with a dog bed, dog toys and regular healthy meals.

Will you be the one to show me how wonderful life can be?image
J’ai un nouveau nom,  Nusumareta et je me cherche une nouvelle famille. J’ai environs 6 ans et il est évident que j’ai passé ma vie attaché dehors.

Je suis un gros garçon, pas très énergétique, mais j’espère retrouver la force et pouvoir vivre une vie active. Jusqu’à présent j’ai démontré que je suis gentil avec les autres chiens, et au fond un gros nounours.   Je cherche le confort d’une maison avec un beau coussin pour moi, des jouets et des repas régulier et nourrissant.

Serez-vous celui qui me montrera à quel point la vie peut être merveilleuse?

6 thoughts on “Nusumareta”

  1. Oh goodness that poor boy…being tied up tht is no way for a dog(especially one of his breed) to live :/ one look at him and I am in love he reminds me a bit of my dog tht we just had to put down.

  2. hI sOPHIE,
    he is beautiful just like all your pups! I bought a home on a 7 acre property with many more acres as a back yard. I currently have another dog and would love to find a companion for her to enjoy our walks and most of all, give a second chance to life! My dog is quite tempermental so we may have to try a few times before we find the right match for us. We are moving to Ontario so that eliminates 1 breed unfortunately. Please contact me as I’m not big on email and would like to discuss adopting one of your boys or girls. If you can contact me I will provide you with my phone number…

  3. Nusumareta is awesome. His story affects me very much, I’d love to foster him, and maybe adopt him if everything goes well.

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