Hi everyone! my name is Oakley. I’m a 7-year-old mixed-breed male. ( Best guess: Husky/Shepard mix perhaps with some Rottweiler ). I weigh 70 lbs and I’m looking to find my forever home for the 3 rd time now.

I was adopted back in 2017 but originally came from the Great North of Québec where there are many strays like me to rescue and find loving homes for.

My family discovered that I’m not at all comfortable around the new child in the home now that he is starting to crawl. I’ve even nipped a couple of times. It was over toys on the floor. So for that reason, they have decided to return me. I’m a sweet pooch aside from that. Structure, stability, and regular exercise are a must for me. I need a peaceful home.

My new home will need to be dog-savvy, pet-free, and child-free. A securely fenced yard would be ideal for me since I love the outdoors. I was very insecure when I was first rescued. Being moved again will be a big shock to me so I will need a patient and understanding human.

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